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ProVen Probiotics uses the most comprehensively researched bacteria.

UKs #1 Manufacturer - ProVen Probiotics

UK's #1 Manufacturer

Unique bacteria strains - ProVen Probiotics

Unique bacteria strains

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30 years of Science

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Free delivery over £30

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Why take ProVen daily?

A balanced gut is a key part of health. Our modern lifestyles affect this balance on a daily basis and ongoing microbiome support is helpful.

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Insight into Good Bacteria

We all have around 100,000 billion bacteria living in our intestines. These bacteria weigh around 1.5kg in total and are referred to as the gut microbiome or microbiota. 

Our microbiota is a constant companion throughout our lives – it is established at birth and is fully formed by three years of age.

Health Professionals

At ProVen Probiotics, we are committed to ongoing research to understand the function of the microbiome and the impact of good bacteria on this function.

To this end, we identified, isolated and tested the viability and survival of our own bacterial strains around 20 years ago and undertook our first clinical study on these strains in 2004. 

The Man Behind ProVen

Whilst there are many brands of probiotics, there are not many proprietors as passionate about bacteria as Dr Nigel Plummer, founder and managing director of ProVen Probiotics.

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