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As part of Cultech Ltd, the bioscience company based in South Wales in the UK, ProVen Probiotics has access to a team of around 15 research scientists who have been committed to research of the microbiome and probiotics for more than 30 years and are continuously involved in clinical research and product development.

Owned by Dr Nigel Plummer, Cultech and ProVen are both research-led companies, ProVen having been established to bring research-backed probiotics products to the general public to help support their microbiome and thus their health. We now have more than 100 published articles, research papers and posters related to the gut, the microbiome and Lab4 probiotics (the proprietary group of bacteria contained in most of our products).

The products developed for the ProVen Probiotics range are all based upon clinical research into the specific blends of bacteria used in the products. Summaries of and links to the studies are included below.

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