Dr Iveta Garaiova - research manager with Cultech Ltd

Dr Iveta Garaiova


Dr Iveta Garaiova is a researcher at Cultech Ltd, working on reviewing the latest scientific literature to support the company in remaining up-to-date with current developments in the probiotic industry. Iveta has a Masters degree in Food Chemistry and a doctoral degree in Biochemistry from Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia. She worked at the Institute of medical chemistry, biochemistry and clinical biochemistry at Comenius University Medical School and her research focused on the relationship between antioxidant systems and markers of oxidative stress in Down syndrome.

Iveta came to the UK in 1999 and joined Cultech in 2003, working in the field of probiotics and fish oils and their impact on well-being. She has been working with probiotics for 13 years and was responsible for the management of all the company’s probiotic studies in collaboration with Universities within the UK and Slovakia and for the generation of peer reviewed scientific papers from these studies alongside the preparation of technical dossiers. She has experience in integrating graduate and postgraduate students into the commercial research environment (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and Go Wales schemes).

Since 2016, Iveta has been working part-time at Cultech focusing on reviewing the latest scientific literature on specific topics related to nutritional supplements, preparation of presentations and liaising with the marketing department to provide scientific support for the marketing publications. Iveta is also a lay member of the local research ethics committee, WALES REC 6.

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