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Recent Microbiome Studies

We monitor the latest microbiome research and aim to list all the studies we come across that we feel might be of interest to our Practitioners.

Delivery method determines neonatal gut microbiota and childhood asthma risk

C-section implicated in microbial modulation A study of 700 births, 78% vaginal and 22% c-section were assessed at birth, 1 month, at age 1 year and 6 years. The caesarean section microbial score was significantly associated with asthma risk – among caesarean section–born children, 20% of those who had a high caesarean section microbial score

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Contraception linked to changes in vaginal microbiota

BV and Candida more likely to occur This cross-sectional study was performed using three groups, the levonorgestrel intrauterine-releasing system (LNG-IUS) group (1179 subjects), copper intra uterine device (IUD) group (519 subjects), and a control group of women not using contraception (14,616 subjects) were compared. The LNG-IUS and IUD groups were further divided into less and

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Evidence that the gut microbiota helps prevent brain infection

The gut is our first line of defence This study investigated brain antigen presence in mice before substantiating the findings in human brain tissue. Results showed that, the IgA-producing cells in the meninges were absent, when mice had no bacteria in their gut. Human samples taken from brain surgery showed parallel findings of IgA present

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Is Nitrate the new prebiotic?

Oral nitrate levels significantly reduce pathogenic bacteria This study tested the saliva of 21 healthy subjects to measure nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, lactate, pH levels and bacterial taxonomy through rRNA sequencing. Results showed that nitrate had a significant effect on the bacterial composition of in vitro oral communities and that in the presence of nitrate, oral

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